Credit Program on Management of Technology (MOT)

1. Sponsoring academic unit: Institute of Management of Technology

  2. Course Level: postgraduate  
  3. Transferable for Master Degree Credit ?: Yes  
  4. About this program:  
    The courses focus on the following fieldsˇGEconomics, Management of Information Technology, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Organization and Human Resources Management, Manufacturing Technology and Production Management, Business Policy & Strategic Management, Intellectual Property Management for Industries, The Law of Patent Infringement.  
  5. Course Subjects:  
Business Policy & Strategic Management
Entrepreneurship and Incubation Management
Financial Strategies and Management
High-tech Industry Development and Investment in Mainland
High Technology Investment
Industrial Analysis and Innovation
Industry Competition & Organization Management
Innovation and R&D Management
Marketing Management
Marketing Management of High-Technology Enterprise
Research Methods
Strategic Alliances & Technology Transfer
Technology Management & Law
Technology Forecasting & Impact Assessment
Valuation of Firm and Value-Based Management
Venture Capital of High-Tech
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