Credit Program on Colleges of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science

1. Sponsoring academic unit: Colleges of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science

  2. Course Level: postgraduate  
  3. Transferable for Master Degree Credit?: Yes  
  4. About this program:  
    The Program includes four subprograms: (a) Electronics and Electro-Optical Engineering, (b) Electrical and Control Engineering, (c) Communication Engineering, (d) Computer Science, and (e) Digital Library. The Department of Electronics Engineering, the Department of Photonics, the Department of Electrical and Control Engineering, the Department of Communication Engineering, the Department of Computer Science are in charge of these five subprograms, collaboratively. Two colleges have 235 faculty members to support this program. The details about faculty are described in each individual college and department.  
  5. Course Subjects:  

Advanced Algorithm and Programming Language
Advanced Database Management System
Analog Integrated Circuits
Antenna and Radio Wave Propagation
Applications of Digital Signal Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Neural Networks
ASIC Design of Large Logic Circuit Systems
Communication Signal Processing
Communication System Chip and Circuit Design
Computer Architectures
Computer Networks
Computer Networks and Library Information Systems
Computer Graphics
Database System in Library
Design of Communication System VLSI Chips and Circuits
Digital Communications
Digital Control System
Digital Integrated Circuit
Digital Multimedia and Communication Signal Processing
Digital Reference Services
Digital Signal Processing
E-learning and Knowledge Management
Embedded Processor and SOC Design
Embedded System Design
Formal Languages
Fuzzy Systems
IC Technology (I)
IC Technology (II)
Image Processing
Introduction to Display Technologies
Information Retrieval and Classification
Information Technology and Library
Intro. to Electro-optic Engineering
Intro. to Lasers
Introduction to Micro Electro Mechanical System
Library Automation System
Linear System Theory
Low-Power Computer Designs
Metadata Language and System Design
Mobile Computing
Microwave Engineering (I)
Microwave Engineering (II)
Multimedia Information Systems
Nano-Photonics Technology
Network Security
Nonlinear System Theory
Operation Systems
Optimization theory and control
Pattern Recognition
Personal Communications
Power Electronics
Queuing Theory
Random Process
Research Practicum
Semiconductor Laser
Semiconductor Physics and Devices (I)
Semiconductor Physics and Devices (II)
Semi-conductor Processing Technology
Source Coding
Software Engineering
Special Topics in Computer Aided Design
Stochastic Process
Theory and Implementation of Digital Library
Thin Film Techniques & Analysis
Wireless Communications
Wireless Network
Wireless Internet

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