Credit Program in Traffic and Transportation


    This program offers the following courses:  
    1. Theory of Traffic Flow
2. Transportation System Analysis
3. Urban Transportation Planning
4. Transportation and Land Use
5. Evaluation of Transportation Projects
6. Operations Research
7. Mass Transit Operation
8. Contemporary Transportation Systems
9. Logistics-Distribution and Transportation
10. Statistics
11. Logistics Operations Management
12. Multiobjective Decision Making
13. Environmental Impacts Analysis and Assessment
14. Transportation Management
15. Geographic Information System
16. Travel Demand Analysis and Forecasting
17. Transportation Information and Communication
18. Operations and Management of Logistics
    Sponsoring academic unit: Institute of Traffic and Transportation
Course Level: postgraduate
Transferable for Master Degree Credit?: Yes
    For more information, please contact through the following ways:  
      Tel. :02-23494952
Fax: 02-23494953