Credit Program on College of Engineering






1.     Sponsoring academic unit: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Material Science and Engineering

Institute of Environmental Engineering

Institute of Nanotechnology



2. Course Level postgraduate



3. Transferable for Master Degree Credit? Yes.



4. Course subjects




There are five Programs of the College of Engineering

l Program of Industrial Safety and Risk Management

Industrial Process Safety Design

Principles of Deformation Monitoring

Special Issues on Occupational Health

Introduction of Semiconductor and Photonics Process Safety

Control Technologies for Air Pollutants

Introduction to Thermal and Fluid Mechanics

An Introduction to Fire Safety Engineering Design

Corporate Risk Management

l Program of Automation and Precision Engineering

Engineering Design

Engineering Optics

Optimal Design Methods

Fundamentals of Precision Engineering


Precision Welding Technique

lProgram of Construction Technology and Management

Engineering Statistics

Introduction of system analysis methods

Construction Project Scheduling and Management

Construction Cost Estimation and Management

Special Topics on Intelligent Building Design and Facility Management

Constructional Supply Chain Management

Planning and Management of Urban Infrastructure Systems

l  Program of Semiconductor Material and Processing Equipment

Introduction to Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Plasma and Thin Film Technology

Introduction to Semiconductor Equipment

Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering


l Program of Environmental Technology for Sustainability

Statistics for Environmental Engineers

Sustainable Environment

Physicochemical Processes for Waste Water Treatment

Treatment Technology and Management for Water Reuse



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